We work together with different groups of people with various expertise and experience to plan and deliver healthcare for Rotorua people. These are


Team Rotorua Alliance

The Team Rotorua Alliance stakeholders guide and contribute to local service strategy and planning based on the needs of the population through a collaborative partnership.  The Alliance includes people from:

  • Lakes DHB
  • Te Arawa/Whanau Ora Collective


Clinical Leaders Group (CLG)

Our Clinical Leaders Group is essential to ensure clinical programmes and patient care is delivered according to best practice quality and safety standards.  The Clinical Leaders Group ensures our clinical programmes:

  • improve service access
  • align with best practice guidelines
  • are safe for patients and providers
  • comply with medical legislation and professional standards
  • target health inequalities

Members of the Clinical Leaders Group have clinical expertise, interests and responsibilities in:

  • youth health
  • child health
  • Maori health
  • sexual health
  • cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  • quality assurance
  • elder/aged care
  • clinical nursing
  • respiratory disease


Community Advisory Group (CAG)

Our Community Advisory Group (CAG) is made up of representatives from various local and national community groups.  The Community Advisory Group assists and supports:

  • community health promotion, initiatives and improvements
  • open relationships and communication between various Iwi, health, social and community providers and agencies
  • greater awareness and responsiveness to community needs, views and issues


Primary Care Advisory Network (PCAN)

PCAN is an independent group of people from various primary health care providers in Rotorua. PCAN was established to:

  • provide strategic advice in clinical, multidisciplinary primary health care service delivery with the patient at the centre of planning and decision making
  • foster working partnership through greater understanding of the scope and restraints of other primary care clinical providers and facilitate sharing of experience and knowledge
  • promote excellence in clinical care and a culture of continuous quality improvement within the primary care sector.